The Uhl Chatterbox

Welcome to the Uhl Chatterbox!

An Uhl
A fine upstanding citizen of Canada, the United States and Germany. Now, I know there are Uhl's in other countries of the world but the Uhl's talked about in this section of my homepage are from the above mentioned countries. There are a bunch of them. It's hard to count them all, they keep moving around. Hundreds of 'em read this Chatterbox thing.
A Chatterbox
Well now, that's me!. I started it, the Chatterbox that is... I guess that makes me the editor. Yes, the Chatterbox is a newspaper, a family newspaper that helps keep everyone in this part of the Uhl family in touch with the latest news. I was an Uhl at one time... I gave that up about, oh, maybe, hmm, a long time ago... back in the '70s.

The Uhl's talked about in the Chatterbox are spread across the continent and even into Germany. Every so often a new edition hits the streets with news about family members and friends. You are welcome to browse around and see what's going on with the Uhl's.